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Usually referred to WPC, you can visually see from the literal meaning WPC is certainly made of wood and plastic combination made of a composite material, however, the proportion of WPC composite material from different, different plastics Unlike the process can be divided into pvc pe wood and wood.

PVC wood-plastic composite materials are generally widely used in building decoration and packaging areas, such as the corner line, Particleboard bar, curtains, door pockets, floors, fences, skirting board, art board, shutters, frames, picture frames, window frames, toys and general furniture, interior doors, the vast majority of indoor and outdoor decorative building materials can be used to manufacture PVC WPC, it not only preserves the unique wooden logs texture, but compared to wood, wood-plastic material with a waterproof, fire safety features, thereby for decorative kitchen, bathroom and so on. The pvc wood is not suitable for outdoor, because its texture is too light for outdoor easier to fade, easily damaged.

PE wood-plastic composite materials are generally widely used in outdoor gardens, parks and other places, such as made flooring, railings, gallery frame, flower boxes, tree pool, trash, etc., it is that it does not apply to outdoor rot, waterproof, anti-moth and so on. WPC profile and profile rich, low price, which itself recyclable, reducing environmental pollution, protect forest resources is of great significance. But PE WPC even though there are so many advantages, its disadvantages should not be ignored, PE WPC profile brittle texture, after installation and moving easily damaged with a sharp object percussion, and late replacement more difficult.

The choice of wood-plastic composite materials, as well as comparative pe wood and pvc wood, each has its advantages and disadvantages, from their own reality, to choose their own material.

the article come from : Wood Plastic Composite Products Manufacturer

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