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Would you rather buy or lease your Elantra coupe?

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Assuming you had enough money to either buy or lease. Which one would you do and why? Theres so many different reasons why each one is better. But for you which one would better fit you and why?
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I'd rather buy it so I can do anything I want to it without worrying about having to return everything to stock when I return a lease. Plus its a better investment in general.
Lease. I plan to use this as a daily driver for maybe a couple years than trade it in.
Lease is probably the best way to go. Incase of any issues or if you wanted to change to a differennt car with in 4-5 years, you know your still open to options when the lease is over. or just buy it out if you have no problem with it.
Only problem I have with lease is that you have a limit on how many km you can drive. I can see myself doing a lot of long distance driving especially since the Elantra has high MPG. Maybe some cross country driving to the West Coast.

I'd prlly buy. If I want to upgrade, I can always sell i guess. Btw how well do Elantra's retain value for the used market?
Leasing since I just need an A-B daily for the road and always like upgrading to newer models. I won't be putting a ton of miles on it since I take transit to work but drive to the subway to make things easier.
Eventhough i have been impressed by Hyundai's drive for excellence, I'd lease one not because i dont trust them but mainly so i donthave to be stuck with one car for too long. Im a sucker for up to date vehicles. The new technologies coming out every day, i'd hate to miss out.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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