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The original owner installed a Alpine (INE-W960) double DIN stereo which is great and all but missed a few things that is prohibiting me from accessing the settings menu (lack of parking brake wire) as well as USB/I-phone video adapter (factory -to- Alpine) and camera function. I usually use Crutchfield for after market stereos/speakers because they include wiring schematics/adapters, well this time around the previous owner beat me to it but neglected to save the original stereo/diagrams/etc...

I stumbled across this handy site but I'm not 100% sure which receiver matches my car. From what I gather there are two audio packages, standard (original in mine; blue LCD display) and color LCD (Nav/rear camera) but I may be wrong, there is a tan bluetooth MIC above the drivers seat integrated into the headliner (tan) which looks stock as the mic included with Alpine is black/clip on.

One other thing if anyone replaced the speakers, does the factory speaker have a silver/aluminum dust cap? I shined a flashlight through the grill and saw (barely) what looked like 2way speaker (woofer + tweeter) with a silver cap, so I'm assuming aftermarket as they are usually black/black 1way OEM.

Thanks for any info.
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