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With the introduction of the second-generation Genesis, Hyundai brought all-wheel drive (AWD) to its large luxury sedan.

Dubbed H-TRAC, this acronym simply means Hyundai Traction. Developed in conjunction with Magna Powertrain, Hyundai designed the mechanics for the H-TRAC system while Magna created the software to control the various bits. In all, H-TRAC adds 134 lbs. to the car’s overall weight compared to an equivalent the rear-wheel drive model.

Like most modern all-wheel drive powertrains, Hyundai says its system does more than just split power front to rear at a constant, predetermined ratio. The company spent a lot of time testing in hot and cold weather using BMW’s xDrive system as an unofficial bench mark. Similar to xDrive, H-TRAC is a fully variable system that changes its behavior depending on drive mode selection and how much traction is currently available.
Learn more about the Hyundai Genesis H-TRAC at AutoGuide.com
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