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with it. Many people like the election room like a wide field of vision, good light house. But many of these houses are located in the urban main road. The attendant problem is noise. If the sound insulation to do bad, every night after the arrival will be due to crossing the car sound difficult to sleep, during the day and because of the sound of the car and woke up. Is the house close to the road can not stay? If you can solve the problem of sound insulation, then this will be a very perfect living environment. Day or night
watching the car on the road to the car is also a good landscape. So how to solve the noise problem? Now the house is located in the city main road, business also respected this real estate, but the noise problem how to solve it, especially at night when we have to rest, outside the truck can enter the city , The sleep is a big problem, so here to buy this type of house, we have to solve this problem. Then the sound is transmitted from it, passed to the interior of the noise mainly through the doors and windows, we only
need to noise into the indoor channel closed to the perfect solution to this problem, so that the interior to maintain absolute quiet. Anyang decoration of the home improvement consultant, this will we Zhizha solve the problems of the vast number of business friends. First, the type of window to solve this problem, where the type of window refers to
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