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Home brand promotion activities? This is easy to think of the overwhelming discount advertising. However, the Shenzhen market has begun to change, piano recitals, contemporary art exhibition of these quite humane atmosphere of the activities, even from the home brand. In fact, the brand is not unusual to support or conduct art activities,dedicated outdoor beach chairs cost but for the Shenzhen home industry, the lack of public relations operations for many years the thinking of the situation has been subversive, home brand values ​​passed on the agenda, which is a worthwhile look forward to beginning.
Willing to pay for the promotion of brand value

Marble tiles brand Jane is a cross-border marketing has been a number of enterprises in the past they have tried to invite similar to Dan such a famous lecturer forum, please calligraphy master tasting, this time Jane is aimed at contemporary art, The "Art of Reverberation" exhibition was held at the EPC Art Center in Shenzhen OCT, just like most modern and contemporary art exhibitions, and do not see too many commercial traces. Artists have invited many contemporary artists from different fields, including ceramics, sculpture, painting and so on. At the same time, they also hold a series of lectures on art salon. Of course, we can see the "natural" this topic from the great,camping light weight chair its brand director Keli Min also interview this theme and Jane's environmental protection brand mission and sense of responsibility linked together. "Art Ye Hao, Ye Hao natural, design worth mentioning, are common to serve the people's physical life and spiritual space, which is the commonality of the three." Keli Min explained, it is clear that such art activities is difficult to brand directly to the band To promote the profitability, but also can be seen, similar to Jane this brand in the event, has put such a specific sales target on the final, the value of the brand is passed in the forefront, such as contemporary art More abstract and more complex activities, often in the brand to promote their own "tonality."
Art and cultural activities of consumer groups is the cohesion of the community
In the past two years, the Shenzhen furniture brand Meizhihua in their own stores several times held art and culture salon, such as the invitation of the young painter Zeng Pu on the "youth" exchange salon, and the Russian pianist A nnaZassim ova Of the small concert.
"Although each event is held in our store, but we never in art activities in the sale of such acts, members or customers to participate in cultural activities, and our intention is also true." Mei Zhihua Director Maggie said, she saw these activities to the members or brands of consumer groups to bring a similar community of experience, the United States and China mainly engaged in all kinds of imported furniture, target customers are often also had a certain overseas life Experience or the European and American way of life to compare the crowd, such as piano recital,outdoor wicker chaise sun lounge bed artist salon party of such activities, just in line with this part of the audience preferences. "Buy or like this type of furniture, there must also have some common aesthetic orientation, we hope to let you through these activities, not only to recognize our brand, but also feel a way of life, customer clustering interest "It's important for us."
Maggie said frankly, they also have a lot of attempts, for example, on organic vegetables, aromatherapy and other sharing sessions will also be held in tandem, "this year's sales situation is faint, but even so this type of activity should still can not At the same time, the more stickiness and trust of customers become, this is the original intention of this kind of activity.
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