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Hi everyone!

In the past I've usually bought my coats from ASOS and understandably I'm lucky to get more than a couple of seasons wear out of them.

I'm looking for a quality coat that I can dress down and wear on the weekends, wear to my grad school classes but also wear to future office jobs and functions that require a more formal look. I have a pretty classic style, and appreciate simple and timeless design. Winter Coats for Kids Girls

So I'd love to know which winter coats you've had that have fulfilled all of your needs: can be worn in a myriad of settings, are warm, worth the price, and have lasted a long time.

On the flip side would also love to know the brands that you'd recommend avoiding, and the coats that haven't met your expectations.

Would really appreciate any and all links to recent coat purchases you've made that you've loved or coats you've purchased years ago that are still available for purchase.
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