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Test drives can be so limiting; maybe a few times around the block if you’re lucky. So when Hyundai recently unveiled two new models of the popular Elantra--a GT and Coupe now join the Sedan--the company wanted to let would-be owners experience how the car fits their lives on a personal level. Enter "The Driveway Decision Maker."

This online tool presents interested drivers with all three models, urging visitors to select one for a digital "test drive." Drag your mouse over to pick a color, enter the address you’d like to visit and, after a quick load/spec screen, off you go. The Elantra cruises through a roadway filled with neon geometry that first transforms into an animated neighborhood before finally becoming a Google Map. The next thing you know, your Elantra of choice has entered Streetview and is passing through the blocks surrounding your destination. It pulls up, offers both driveway and parallel options to park, then arrives safely. Driveway Decision time reached. Tweak your model and color accordingly before sharing the picture however you see fit.

I was able to park at my home, my parents’ quite rural home and even San Francisco’s AT&T Park without any issue. And if seriously considering the vehicles, the images look fairly realistic; even if the idea of finding parking in San Francisco is anything but.

The campaign, from agency Innocean (who raced a Hyundai against a cheetah earlier in the year) also includes indecision-themed spots directed by Ulf Johansson.

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