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Auto.ca put together a 2 page review of the Elantra GT. Good one for you potential Elantra GT owners:


For those of us not blessed with an unlimited budget, car purchasing decisions almost invariably wind up involving a compromise between our heads (as represented by our inner accountants) and our hearts (as represented by our inner driving enthusiasts). It’s no surprise then that Hyundai, which has lately been doing an admirable job serving up enthusiast-level helpings of style and equipment at budget-friendly prices, has three models ranked among Canada’s top-25 best selling cars of 2012, with its Elantra coming in second only to the Honda Civic in passenger car sales, and its Santa Fe third behind Ford’s Escape and Honda’s CR-V for top-selling SUV honours.

Joining the Hyundai lineup for 2013, the Elantra GT replaces the outgoing Elantra Touring, and continues Hyundai’s value-for-money approach while adding an extra dash of practicality and sportiness compared to its sedan and coupe siblings. Styling-wise, the GT makes a favourable first impression with flowing lines similar to the sedan and coupe, but a slightly different (and I think better looking) grille treatment. My SE trim test car added to the overall appeal with a set of stunning 17-inch chromed alloy wheels.
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