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column, masonry pre buried anticorrosive wood block, along the wall column spacing 900~1200mm, each side should be no more than two pieces of brick buried shot. 3 after the installation of pipeline ventilation and ceiling, to determine a good light, and all
kinds of open vent holes. 4 all kinds of materials are fully prepared. The 5 ceiling panel before installation should be finished wall, wet operation project. 6 a roof construction platform shelf. 7 ceiling light steel skeleton in the large area before construction, should
do model, the roof arch, light tank, structure of vent, block and fixation should be tested and installed by accreditation before the construction of large area. (four) the operation process of 1 processes: elastic line, installation, installation of large derrick keel keel,
outdoor lattice panels with gate
wood plastic composite decks north america
tongue and groove decking composite cost
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