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Sudden warning lights flash and cycle through various warnings while driving

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Bought a new Hyundai Elantra base model from Hyundai of Meterie Louisiana in 2022. Problems started about a month ago with only 15.000 miles on it when suddenly my backup camera stopped working. Then a few days later it came alive again. On again off again a few more time. Now totally gone. It never works now. Tried to make an appointment where I bought it and they said "WE CANT HELP YOU FOR A MONTH AND A HALF!. SORRY TOO BUSY."
Last week while driving home from work, suddenly all the warning lights started flashing Speedomenet needle and teach needle jumped and then the warnings started cycling through and settled on the collision warning eventually in about 60+ seconds. This did not affect the driving of the car. It kept running. I stopped the car. Shut it off. Started again thinking it would re-set the computer and sure enough that worked for about 5 minutes. Then it started up again with the warning lights flashing and cycling through the various systems.

Called the dealer again and all the service man said was "wait until your appointment and take a video of this problem when it is happening..." Anyone have any inside about this? The car has not been hit or flooded. Thanks.
I shot a video while driving and sorry it is loaded vertically. Youtube will not allow rotation unless I had a video editing program which I don't.
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Several postings have reported failed rearview camera issues with the camera or connections.
Collision warning related messages typically relate to radar issues and may be sue to the front "bumping" into something and bending the radar mount or damaging the radar itself.
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