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screen more professional, it is estimated that many consumers do not know much, in the purchase of the consumer to buy when I heard the guide introduced, but do not know what kind of screen in the end is relatively good, do not know how to choose. Play
small finishing some of the information, if you don't know, just learning. The next shopping guide to help you, you can accurately determine what is to buy hard screen TV or soft screen TV screen hard and soft screen the difference: 1, IPS (hard screen IPS (In-
PlaneSwitching) technology, graphic conversion) is Hitachi LCD technology company launched in 2001, commonly known as SuperTFT. IPS camp led by Hitachi, gather LGD, HannStar and other manufacturers. The biggest feature of this technology is that
its poles are on the same surface, rather than the other liquid crystal model of the electrode is in the upper and lower sides, three-dimensional array. As the electrode in the same plane, regardless of the liquid crystal molecules in what state and always parallel to
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