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glue fully stir well.Note: stir stir bar should stir in one direction, efforts should be uniform and consistent speed.With white glue should join slowly, not too fast.Should be fully mixing, stirring mixing good adhesive should be uniform color.B. special glue modulation on the edge of the seams and up and down;Glue adhesion should be stronger than the
average glue adhesion.So should be to make special glue.Proportion: mixture should be in a good wallpaper powder adding 50% of white glue, modulation method is consistent with a glue.(2) the wallpaper glue a. soak roller in the glue is 30 seconds.B. will roller besmear equably in the back of the wallpaper.Note: when the roller besmear
to brush roll should be in the same direction, 45 degrees gently rolling brush roller and wallpaper.Can not brush back and forth, so it is easy to make wallpaper buckling.Besmear brushs, action should be smooth, uniform strength, hand drum, another hand fixed where there is no brush glue;In order to avoid the wallpaper rolled
pressure treated tongue grooveshark
plastic wallboard australia
what is wood plastic composite board
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