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So...I'm on my second Soul and I want something a little more nimble. Quicker too would be nice.

That gets to the subject matter here and what I'm shopping: Elantra GT 2016 or 2017, with the 17" wheel package (Value Edition Package $1650, MY 2017, called the Style Package for 2016, about the same price and content).
Forte5 EX or SX, 2016 since the 2017 are not showing up yet.

I realize neither the GT nor the F5 EX will be quicker, since they too use the Nu 2.0 engine though rated at 173 HP vs. the Soul's 164. Highway MPG should be a bit higher due to aero factors. But acceleration should be similar.

For those who shopped the GT and perhaps cross-shopped the Forte5s, what car did you end up with and why?
Thanks. I'm tiring of this process, I've been at it a while now.
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