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this kitchen Raiders decoration, do not decorate the kitchen properly. More about the kitchen renovation Raiders, please pay attention to a lot of attention Raiders channel decoration. In this case,Many owners to buy decoration materials are very troublesome, a variety of decoration materials on the market, how can a pair of eyes to find inexpensive and most suitable for their own decoration materials? And there are a lot of people in the purchase of decoration materials Time, are take it for granted to buy,
do not shop around, the result is not only spend more money, not received the desired effect. Today, and everyone Xiaobian together to understand those under the decoration of the building materials easy to commit four kinds of errors when buying, saving for your decoration costs. As a result of the progress of the process, the specifications of the floor is no longer arrested in the slender shape, square, rectangular and other large size of the floor in front of consumers, due to the suit, many consumers
are willing to buy the floor to buy the building materials. , That the large size of the floor pavement to open up less, more beautiful. However, due to the size of the floor, the greater the difference between inside and outside the tension and the expansion of the degree of expansion and contraction of the wet, so the large size of the floor does not apply to geothermal. In addition, the tile is not the bigger the better, but also consider the actual space. Second, the purchase of building materials Mistakes: only buy
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