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Seat Covers

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Anyone add seat covers ?
Is the back bench seat a royal pain ?
Front looks like a no problem

Looking at Coverking covers,
Have them in my truck and love them

Ant tips ?
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I have a 2013 so this may vary on your vehicle...

The rear seats on mine were held in with 2 bolts each back rest and two bolts for the bottom. VERY easy to remove. I couldn't imagine they changed it much in the newer versions.
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Thank you..
I found a install Video on the Cover King site and that confirms what you said !
2 Bolts and pull seat up from front !
Will order them soon,
I have All Weather Mats coming in tomorrow , I have the same brand in my truck for 5+ years and they are holding up well
Then the seat covers in a few weeks ! Have to recover from the big down payment lol. But monthly payment low and I got a 500$ rebate by fianacing
But the Moths that flew out of my wallet are still screming with joy lol
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts