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Hi everyone,

Here's the deal, my 2000 Saturn L (for large, I know, it's lame) is finally giving up the ghost as she nears 260,000 miles on the odometer!

But she needs numerous repars and since GM killed the brand, I'll relent and want to drive something new!

I'm eyeballing an Elantra sedan, as it's cheap and affordable. IYO, is this a wise choice to buy an Elantra? How many miles do the highest-mileage one here have on them and is Hyundai pretty honorable with it's extensive warranty?

I'm liking the blue one but need some conincing from you Elantra owners if this car should be in it for the long haul, like my old (sort of decrepit) Saturn L was.

Any and all sincere opinions are welcome, friends!

I treat my cars like they're my kids, doing routine maintenance, using only Mobil 1 10W-30 synthetic oil, etc. As my Dad taught me, treat your car right and it will do likewise for you and that's so true.
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