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SANY Rotary Drilling Rigs Help the Construction of Bird’s Nest

SANY Rotary Drilling Rig have participated in many cases in China and abroad, which not only get many praises from customers, also made contributions to the Chinese engineering construction development. Piling Machinery

By the end of 2003, SANY rotary Drilling Rig and other piling equipment started working at the Bird’s Nest construction site, which means the beginning of the foundation work of this great National Olympic Stadium. The Stadium foundation is raft-pile combined type. Cranes There is backfilled soil 2m below the ground; quaternary period clay, silt, and silt sand from 2m to 12m; fine sand from 12m to 16m; clay, silt and discontinuous sand lens from 16m to 36m; cobble and silt from 36m to 60m. There are totally more than 1800 piles, and the difficulty for deep pile is to ensure that the pile verticality, location and pile quality fulfill the designing requirements.

The railway from XI’an to Baoji is called “gold belt” of Shanxi Guanzhong zone. The line started from Nov, 11, 2009, is the key project of western development. There are more than 80 SANYdrilling rigs working for the “gold belt”. SANY is the No.1 brand in the project. Pile Driver ShitouRiver is 7700.61m length. The mileage range is DK590+318.29-DK599+D18.9. The concrete pilling are 73258m/1914pcs of φ1.25m and the bases are 239 sets. The boulder consists of quartz, granite, sandstone and sand. The stone diameter of boulder is 5-100cm. The ratio of stone is more than 85%. Excavators for Sale
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