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As the world-leading Construction Machinery manufacturer, SANY produced many excellent products with advanced technology and super performance, and these products have been used in every corner of the world, including some famous constructions. The year of 2016 is the tenth year since the Qinghai-Tibet Railway’s buildup,Sany Motor Grader was used in that great railway construction as road machinery, which becomes a proud memory of SANY forever.

With full length of 1956 kilometers, the Qinghai-Tibet Railway is an important route to go to Tibet and also the world’s first railway that was built at an altitude above 3,000 meters (9,843 ft). The railway construction was completed in sections, the main sections include Nanshankou Base, Fenghuoshan Tunnel, Tanggula Station, Kunlunshan Tunnel, Qingshui River Bridge, Tuotuohe Work Site and so on. Road Machinery Sany customized a range of high-quality construction machines for the railway construction including motor grader and other construction equipment. Australia Excavator

Most routes of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway were in high-altitude areas, where feature by frozen earth stretching for thousands of miles, freezing cold and deficit of oxygen, weak ecology. Roller Compactor In order to conquer these challenges, the Railway Department of China organized many experts to make related scientificresearch plans and took reference of the former railway construction experience. In order to solve the frozen soil problem, the Qinghai-Tibet Railway Frozen Soil Study Base was founded and has become the largest frozen soil study base in China and even in the world. excavator To cure the altitude sickness, the department built oxygen supplying station and provided free medical treatment to guarantee the health of the local people and the workers.And to protect the ecology, 25 migration passages were built for wild animals and the vegetation were also effectively conserved by transplanting.

The Qinghai-Tibet Railway not only promoted economic development of the Qinghai and Tibet regions, but also made closer connection for Tibet and the mainland in time and space. mini excavator This is a railwayrepresenting hope and prosperity. All of Sany members felt proud thatSanymotor grader could join this great and miraculous project. We hope thatSany products can join more projects like this and make more contributions to our country.
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