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Greetings all. I am a member of the NewX forum for 2nd gen Nissan Xterras. I've gotten a lot of great info from that forum. Hopefully I can get some here too.

Over the summer My daughter bought an '05 Elantra with about 150k mi on it. Despite a couple issues the car seemed like a decent buy at $1500. New rotors and calipers all around new struts all around, new timing belt. We had a mechanic local to the seller look at it. They finished before we got there so I didn't get to look at it on the lift or ask questions. The owner of the garage said he felt it was worth slightly under what she was paying so we talked the seller down.

Now the car has several issues and won't pass inspection, P0011 timing over advanced. The battery keeps dying, interior lights don't come on when the doors are opened.

I will start posting and see what brainstorming occurs. Thanks for being here!
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