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common size is: 600*110 800*110 1000*110. In general, now Home Furnishing baseboard indoor will with the size of the skirting line 600-700mm, this height the interior looks more delicate and beautiful; outdoor balcony to consider rain wet, usually with the size of the skirting line 800-1000mm. At present, skirting the market of material are mainly wood baseboard, tile baseboard, stainless steel baseboard, stone skirting board, glass baseboard, baseboard paint etc.. Look under the baseboard of these materials
will generally choose what size. The use of a baseboard, most wood baseboard size wood skirting line is a modern Home Furnishing decoration can be made, the height and size of more casual, can draw up; of course, wood skirting line can also be purchased, the size of the finished wood skirting line is mostly about 8 cm. If the density board baseboard, so its height is about 750mm. Tile baseboard skirting board is baseboard tile size initially, and the skirting board size is generally around 1000mm, in recent years, tile
baseboard height in a little lower, average household use 660mm or 700mm baseboard height, which would make the interior looks more natural and beautiful. The size of the common tile skirting line there are 800*110mm, 600*110mm, 1000*110mm. Stainless steel skirting size stainless steel cold feeling, suitable for use in modern minimalist style of decoration Home Furnishing inside, but the stainless steel baseboard skirting line relative to other more solid appearance, green environmental protection,
we look for plastics chair
composite wood walkway
outdoor exterior carpet
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