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Mobile Gallery Debuts with the Unveiling of Three Customized Vehicles

NEW YORK, Sept. 25, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Re:Mix Lab is back with three Hyundai vehicles representing the ultimate in style, design, performance and innovation. Each car has a unique personality. The Music 2.0 Veloster Turbo demands attention with its mirror-like chrome exterior, DJ station and sound system that can be heard from blocks away. The Re:Mix Genesis Coupe blends performance and luxury with an aggressive stance, a terra cotta leather interior and carbon fiber throughout. And the Eco-Tuner Elantra GT fuses fashion and enthusiast-inspired design with socially connected technology to create an environmentally aware head turner. With custom audio, one-off materials and bespoke components throughout, each Re:Mix vehicle speaks to the passion, creativity and connectedness that unite us all. Three different builds with three different visions culminate in a celebration of cars, culture, design and innovation. Welcome to the Hyundai Re:Mix Lab.

More at : Revolutionary Art Exhibit Returns With The Debut Of Three Customized Hyundai Re:Mix Vehicles - Press Release - Digital Journal
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