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clean and generous housing, but also reduce the cost of housing renovation, is a stylish and economical way of decoration. 2, the Chinese style Chinese style mainly due to Chinese traditional culture. Its main decorative design is brown and dark, wood is its important decorative materials, whether it is doors and windows or screens, most of them are made of square wooden form, into the Chinese solemn and elegant, is a typical Chinese traditional culture feature. 3, pastoral style Pastoral style is the most close to nature, a
decorative style, with a certain amount of rural art. Mainly to pastoral color-based, decorative close to the natural pastoral atmosphere. Pastoral style is the biggest characteristic of simple, kind and real. Like the pastoral style of people are mostly low-key, understand the hard-won life. 4, European style European style first from the ancient Egyptian art, is the European many countries of cultural products, it is integrated into many European countries decorative characteristics. Its main manifestations are columnar, vault arch
technology, dome and sail arch technology. It is mainly decorated in gorgeous, strong colors, beautiful shape to the house to achieve the elegant decoration effect, mostly used for villa decoration or hotel decoration. 5, the Mediterranean style Mediterranean style is the coastal city of cultural products, the decorative style of free and unrestrained, bright colors, bold, contains a rich coastline of national culture. The sea and blue sky as the decoration of the main colors, boats, shells, pebbles is its main ornament, creating another
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