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I have seen a few posts about removing xm radio but no answers other than to just ignore it. Then I came across this post on a Honda forum.

Re: How to Remove XM radioQuote:Originally Posted by*mahk*Hello all, great forum here. I purchased my RL this past July and my XM radio trial has run out, and I have no interest in purchasing it. Is it possible to remove it so I do not have to cycle through the xm radio stations when changing modes with the steering wheel controls? I would love for them to just skip over the XM stations. I have searched and found nothing. Thank you in advance.
MarkOn the 2010, the XM unit is located behind the rear passenger seat. Here's a diagram of the stereo components and wiring -- what you're specifically looking for is #10 in this diagram:http://www.hondapartsnow.com/diagram...ker-467336.png. Disconnect this module (and remove it if you want) and XM will be removed from the head unit functionality

This is exactly what I was looking for but for my Elantra GT. Anyone have any ideas? I will try to get a hold of a manual, but if anyone has any answers in the meantime,...

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