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WOW! Now that's hot! Would you mind creating a thread dedicated to your ride with all the modifications you did to it? It would be much appreciated :D ....and more pictures :cool:

Sure. So far the modification i have make as below

1) HKS 4-1 Exhaust
2) Unichip Piggy Back Version Q
3) 8000k HID Front Light
4) 10000K Hid Fog Light
5) K & N Drop in Filter
6) Race Tech Struts Bar
7) Race Tech Anti Roll Bar
8) B.C Coilover ( V1 series)
9) Straight Flow Muffler
10)Velocity light weight crank pulley
11) Pivot 3 point Drive
12) Pivot voltage stabilizer( Blue & Red)
13) Change head unit to build in DVD/Gps Unit
14) Port Polish ( Head)-Bored
15) interior LEd floor light
16) Power Bridge stabilzer
17) M & S body kits / Road run front grill
18) FOG Light Cover
19) Spit Fire Spark Plug Booster
20) Etc

Here are some of the pictures.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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