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I have a Rally Red VX '05 Elantra GT and although it's a great car, it's really past the age where I want to put a lot of money into certain aspects of it, yet I don't want to let it look like **** either.

Which brings me to the point that the manufacturers of spray cans you'll find down at your autoparts store (I'm talking DupliColor) just don't make paint to match Hyundai factory colors. However, I recently took a bunch of reds out to the lot with one of the salespeople and we scrutinized the caps against my car with GM's red proving the winner. It ran under $8 for the can, with online sources for the exact color at $32+.

I sanded down the clearcoat mess on my bumpers and painted the horizontal surfaces on them, as well as my faded wing and the faded plastic piece over the license plate that contains the small lights and the badge and key lock.

I cannot distinguish what I painted from the factory paint. I will also be repainting my outside mirrors, which I had repainted some time ago with a red that was not such a good match (but that really didn't matter because the mirrors have a visual separation from the rest of the body on account of the black mounting bases).

YMMV - Don't sue me!
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