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Will be picking up a 2017 Elantra Limited soon with navigation and moonroof. Had no intentions of buying a new vehicle but my wife was rear ended in our Cruze 2LT at 30 mph by an intoxicated driver driving a Ford Explorer. Not much left of that car.

Sure did a lot of looking and test driving of other domestic and Japanese vehicles, was really impressed with the Limited, extremely quiet car and all those other dealer installed options were already there. Navigation was already out of the question with other vehicles, 200 bucks for a map update, Hyundai says they are free for five years.

Wife always drove a manual transmission vehicle, can't even find those anymore in higher end vehicles, and she sure wants her electrically heated seats.

Son has a Sonata, youngest daughter a Kia, sister company. Have to say am impressed with the quality and lack of Made in China components. Am a retired automotive engineer, so aware of the many problems. Hope my choice is a good one.

Certainly noted the lack of response to questions, seems to be a very quiet board, lets make some noise.
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