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keel spacing generally between 400MM-500MM. Second, the plastic wood flooring construction considerations 1, plastic wood can use ordinary woodworking machinery cutting, sawing, drilling, open tenon. 2, with the expansion of plastic wood keel will be fixed to the floor, the expansion tube fixed point spacing 500mm-600mm, screw cap lower than the wood keel surface, wood keel fixed need to do the overall level. 3, between the plastic and wood can be used to fasten the self-tapping screws, outdoor use of
stainless steel self-tapping screws; wood and steel to use self-drilling tapping screws. 4, wood and plastic wood between the use of self-tapping screws when the first hole should be fastened, that is, pre-drilling. The pre-drilled hole diameter should be less than 3/4 of the screw diameter. 5, the installation of outdoor flooring, plastic wood profiles and between each keel need to use about a screw. 6, plastic wood floor and the keel of the junction with plastic buckle will be plastic wood flooring and keel connection
fixed. Plastic wood flooring than wood flooring stability, will not easily crack cocked, and waterproof, corrosion, moisture resistance performance is very advantageous, the price is also low also easy maintenance, so now inside the home decoration is also more and more use. The above content is to everyone Xiaobian to introduce the plastic wood flooring installation points and construction considerations, we want to help. For more floor installation knowledge, please continue to pay attention to every home
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