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I was hoping the community could help me resolve a new issue that just started with my car?
I started noticing that my car would intermittently not 'beep' when I tried locking the door with the key fob, then I started noticing that the doors would randomly unlock by themselves when I was driving.
I tried locking the doors again manually and they initially stayed locked, but then again unlocked randomly by themselves after a while.
I thought this might be a low battery in the key fob, so I removed the battery, but the problem still persists.
I then noticed I would lock the doors at night when I parked the car, but by the morning they had unlocked themselves during the night when the car was off.
I have had to pull the fuse to my power locks, so that the car will indeed remain locked.
Any ideas what this could be, or how I can fix this myself without involving a mechanic?
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