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Hello.. I'm AR from Florida and I'm currently looking to get into an Elantra Coupe (2014 2.0) within the next 30 days.

However I have some concerns, primarily with the electric power steering which seems to cause issues with pulling to the sides or unable to track straight even tho the steering wheel is held straight.

I'm just wondering, how many of you owners out there have had any issue with the power steering? It's a serious concern for me as I really love the looks of the car and all it's features for the price but if this is a prominent issue with the platform I may have to look elsewhere for a new vehicle.

Also, are there any issues with carbon build up due to GDI?

While researching this car I also looked at the Kia Forte and Kia Optima and while I really love the Optima EX premium it's a bit pricey and really I can't wait any longer to purchase a new vehicle so the Optima is out of the question as I'd have to wait until the start of next year to purchase it which IS an option but not one that I want to entertain.. I need a car, I need it now, I love the Elantras looks, I'll be hitting the dealers in my area in the coming month but I'd like to hear from long term owners which is why I signed up here. Thanks guys.

Sorry for the lengthy first post, I just want to be thorough before I take the plunge.. heh.

Just FYI some other cars I'm considering: Scion FRS, Civic Si, Focus Titanium, Optima EX, Altima SV, Sentra SL, Accord Sport. Initially I was planning on purchasing a new vehicle in February of next year but things change, I need a car now and the Elantra Coupe seems like something I could be happy with and not regret, so long as it doesn't have any mechanical defects/long term issues.
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