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up.Household decorates pollution has been the subject of much attention, in addition to control above from decorate material, also need to know some of pollution.The most important is everybody to want to have this aspect of the safety and environmental awareness.Below small make up to summarize some decorate pollution of error, whether
or not you made?Decoration pollution one of myth: home decoration design pursuit is luxurious, regardless of the safety and environmental protection in yuzhong district of a resident angrily hit off their cuckoo green granite.The original young married wife, infertility by hospital examination because of its low survival rate of sperm, may be excessive
radiation.In his new house, the sitting room and toilet are full of the cuckoo green granite, after the examination, the cuckoo green stone radiation far exceed the standards prescribed by the state, and radioactive element content is uneven, long life, cause harm to the body, of course.Tip: is decorated in, people want to beautiful and luxurious
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