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About to pick up a 2014 sedan GL - never had one before, what should I look out for ?
I checked the VIN, there are no active recalls.
Car has about 100.000km on it.
What would be your recommendations once I get it home?

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I'm probably way late but was out...
Change oil and filter.
Check engine air filter.
Check cabin air filter
Try every button to make sure they work.

Try to start the car when it is cold. I know the 2013s had piston slap and on a cool morning the first start when engine is ambient temps you can hear it. Mine has 185k miles (appox 120k more than the one you're looking at) and it is very noticable. It'll sound like a knock or lifters tapping away.
It does go away once everything is to temp but it's not good for parts wear. I don't think anything can be done for it short of a rebuild. How long can an engine go with this? Anyone's guess.
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