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wall. In addition, the first advantage of placing a sofa is that you can according to the level of the sofa to determine the level of TV wall to reduce the viewing fatigue when feeling. 2. TV backdrop is not easy too thick Some owners in the decoration, like the TV backdrop done thick, and that will look good. Xiaobian suggested that the distance between the eyes of the best distance of the TV should be 3.5 times the size of the TV. TV backdrop should not be too thick, otherwise it will lead to the living room appears
to be small, affecting the TV viewing. 3. Background wall light should not be too bright Some owners like to watch TV a little light, then you can use the general decoration design method. Install the ceiling on the TV's backdrop and the lights on the ceiling. But the ceiling itself in addition to echoing with the background wall, the color and intensity of the lights should also be noted that do not use too much wattage or color too eye-catching bulbs, so that when viewing will not have eyes stinging or dizziness feel. 4. should
not be selected excellent material hard material on the sound wave refracting too strong, prone to resonance and noise, and the quality is relatively heavy, if the installation is not strong will leave hidden dangers.Book is the source of knowledge, is where people learn knowledge, more and more people like to collect all kinds of books to enrich their own leisure life. Below Xiaobian to everyone to introduce some of the diversified shelves design methods and display style. With the progress of the times, reading and
no expansion outdoor floor materials
wooden interlocking building panels
build planters flower box
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