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on the tiles, hoping to help you better maintain the tiles: First, the waterproofing program can not be forgotten Tiling area Avoid contact with water, so the tile anti-seepage program is not ignored, especially the tiles seams and pastes have been very easy to seepage, if not handled properly, it will cause the adjacent bedroom wall damp situation, making wallpaper damage Or paint layer off, so before the paving tiles, should be done under the surface waterproof layer, the use of cement mortar to the ground level,
coated with good quality waterproof coating, and then lay a layer of 1 to 2 cement mortar as a bonding layer. Second, the imitation off the most basic step is to make tiles paste a solid, not because of a long time, it is easy to fall off. At present, the most commonly used tile adhesive is a cement mortar mixture, the degree of knot is not high, and in the long-term humid environment, especially kitchen and bathroom, extremely vulnerable to loose tile, or even off, so we recommend Can be used with ceramic tile
adhesive, the bond strength than mortar cement. Third, the maintenance work is also important tile in the shop before and paving the attention of the process points can effectively extend the life of the tile, but in the next time, also need to tile the corresponding maintenance work can make it The surface of the new light bright. Tiles are easily contaminated with grease, dust, water stains, etc., especially the tiles seams most likely to filth, so you can use multi-functional cleaning paste cleaning tiles, tile joints should
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