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and their own room for a detailed measurement, we do not make lazy, the best personally measured again, the contents of the measurement include: clear Decoration area involved in the process. Especially tile area, wall paint area, wallpaper area, floor area; clear main wall size. Especially after the need to design furniture placed on the wall size. Second, the main demolition reform into the construction phase, the main demolition reform is the first of a project, including demolition of walls, walls, shovel wall,
demolition heating, plastic-steel windows and so on. White said the main demolition reform, is the first site to build up the first frame. Third, the transformation of water before the water circuit transformation, the main structure of the demolition should be basically completed. Hydroelectric transformation and the main split between the two links, some students may know, should also be the first measurement cabinet. In fact, the so-called cabinet for the first time measured and there is no actual content, because the
walls and the ground are not dealt with, the cabinet designer can not give a specific design size, but only on the developers to reserve the outlet, hood socket Location, make some relevant recommendations. Mainly include: to see whether the position of the hood so affect the installation of hood; look at the water meter is appropriate; to see if the location of the water inlet is easy to install the sink later. For the first measurement of cabinets, a little experienced students can complete their own. After the completion of the
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