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would enhance the role of the owner of the fortune. 2, the size of the display should be appropriate to the size of the computer monitor to coordinate with the area of the space. Room small display big words, there are prominent individuals, not with the
surrounding environment harmonious Feng Shui meaning; room large display small, then it may be easy to be ignored. 3, home computer and computer is best not to bed with the bed on it, will affect the spirit and the sleep quality of people, the most obvious
impact on human health and fortune; computer monitors will form a dark mirror, meaning the third lead in Feng Shui, which affects people's feelings of fortune. So it is best to avoid the pattern of the computer on the bed. 4, the computer should be far away
from the pool, fish tank placed in fish tanks, water tanks and other places, on the one hand, it is easy to allow moisture to invade the computer, making the computer damp. The computer five line of fire, in Feng Shui is also easy to form a fire one, causing
fortune restrained to master health, wealth etc.. 5, the computer screen should be combined with the user's computer desktop numerology Xiji color, picture, in a certain extent to help transport or redirection effect on computer user. For example, if the user
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