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Oh snap! Look what I found!

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I love how the front looks. that kit looks pretty clean, wondering if its Oem factory from Hyundai or aftermarket.
The only thing that missing is some nice wheels in my opinion. and instead of that spoiler on the rear i would get a flush lip spoiler like on the m3's. Otherwise its a nice clean look.
i love everything about it aside from wheels, everything flows so nicely with the body lines. coil overs and some nice wheels will go a long way.
the wheels from the first and last pic looks like cheap hub cap covers. but Rims would finish off the look.
Car looks good. This is the 4 door though. I think we can expect to see some kits being released for the 2 door model.
I would like to see some kits for the coupe as well. Something similar to this 4dr kti nothing too aggressive though.
LOve how the kit looks

if i was to get it, it would have to be in polyurethane where i lived i cracked at least a few lips
Anyone know if the 2013 coupe's trunk will fit on my 2013 sedan? Really like the lipped spoiler on the coupe. Much more aggressive. Also the front bumper. I prefer the grill on the coupe with that matte black strip in the middle.
They look like they'd fit. Just want a second opinion. Next would be how to get a hold of these parts... Thx.
I was wondering the same thing, we ended up buying a Coupe w/o knowing if it would fit.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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