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When taking off the other day lost all boost after going to 2nd gear
Since then no boost just drives like a regular 5 cyl not really any loss of power just no turbo boost as usual
Did check OBD for the bell if it and there was a p0299 underboost bit I never saw a check engine light on must have just blipped when it happened (lost boost)
I finally cleared the code drive it and first time I gave it hel to get a boost it worked or so it really seemed compared to how it was running after losing boost but tried a second time and it wasn’t there again??
no noise at turbo no whooshing whistling
Visually have checked hoses sprayed at fitting
Under the hood under the car while gas is being applied up to 3000 and I hear nothing or see no bubbles from spray anywhere
I let hose to intercooler definitely expands a lot when throttled to higher rpm’s so I’m assuming I’m getting air from turbo to there but I guess none to the engine
i am gonna build a homemade boost leak tester tomorrow and see what I can find but I’m stumped and that is irritating
I always do all work to every car I have up to engine rebuilds and such but I’m lost first time with a turbo and it’s a beoch to get to most of it
111000 miles 18 ES
Reall kind of pissed at the hose clamp design from factory, have to destroy just to get them off which has halted removing any hoses yet until I get replacements
Any help or suggestion appreciated
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