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not have to import, domestic nest is very good, with the difference between ordinary putty simple Point that is a rubber (formaldehyde), a water. This is very easy to be ignored, in fact, environmental aspects of personal feeling than the election of a good paint is also important. Ceiling wood with some of the local building materials market environmental protection, such as the Australian pine board, a large sub-board, the money not to province. Check the quality of the decoration company ceiling keel. The
quality of the keel and wood determines the stability of the ceiling. Kitchen flue is best to allow tile workers to help seal again, so as to avoid future odor. 5, the main material link may not be too much for the renovation of the concept of decoration quality, the first thought is the floor, floor tiles, paint the main material. My suggestion is as follows: Imported laminate flooring is not necessarily worse than wood composite, environmental protection and resistance to X degree but better. Do not know how to distinguish the
quality of brick, then two more worrying points, one big brand, the second is to produce Foshan, Guangdong brick. The main material part of the paint with pure imported (Fenlin, all Fang) low-end on it, the quality is much better than domestic, but the premise is that workers have construction experience & willing to do, this is important to determine in advance, otherwise Or the state legislature Duoxue it. Wallpaper effect is better than paint, but the cost of high & amp; life is slightly worse than the paint. Do not
attaching fence posts to concrete
anti termite simulated teak decking
2 sided wood composite multi colored
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