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about 4 million children each year lives. Survey at home and abroad show that respiratory tract infection is the most common human disease, the symptoms can be from latent infection until life-threatening. Indoor air pollutants are mainly divided into inhalable particulate matter, is still a variety of carcinogenic chemical pollutants and radioactive substances, the main carrier. Bioactive particles are bacteria, viruses, pollen, etc., is the most respiratory diseases and allergic diseases of the most evil. In the indoor

environment, especially in the poor ventilation, staff crowded environment, a number of pathogenic microorganisms spread easily through the air, so susceptible populations of infection. Some common viruses, bacteria-induced diseases such as influenza, measles, tuberculosis and other respiratory diseases will spread through the air in the room. SARS epidemic of the fact that the full description of indoor biological pollution can not be ignored! Shandong Province, disease prevention and control. The central public

health monitoring and evaluation by Kong Fanling pointed out: Many indoor air pollutants are irritating gases, such as sulfur dioxide, benzene, formaldehyde and so on. These substances will irritate the eyes, nose, throat and skin, causing tears, coughing, sneezing and other symptoms. In particular, formaldehyde has a strong carcinogenic and carcinogenic effects.Even if the ventilation of the new home decoration no matter how good, or can smell a taste, this is the smell of formaldehyde. House decoration is good,
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