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Map update problems

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2017 Elantra Limited: Downloaded the map update from the Hyundai website (long process), went to car and started the update. Followed the instructions on the Hyundai websiite. After about 20 min of continual process the update came up with error "604". It automatically tried again and is now stuck in that loop. It will not reset with the hidden button and at the Hyundai reps suggestion tried a hard reset (disconnect the battery for 4 hours). Nothing changed. The system is still stuck in that update loop. No radio, no player, no blue tooth, no navigation. no clock. All I can do is turn off the display

Waiting for the Hyundai/Mapnsof representative to respond again in hopes of a cure. There should be some way to stop the recurring update loop. The mapsof rep said the update must be done on 32 GB SD card and not a USB flash drive. I eventually found the hidden SD slot and pulled out the original 14GB SD card and tried with my new SD card. Same results. I had one unofficial suggestion that the internal Modem may have "bricked"

Anyone else experience this or have any more ideas.
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Unfortunately, the latest software update is junk!! The Nav function has sent me to the wrong locations on more than one occasion (i.e., south end of town when destination is in the north end). Inability to change to a more common sense route than going through town at rush hour. The display is not as clear as it used to be. Uses gray for a road and a slightly darker gray for the route overlay. The "Cancel Route" function no longer gives you an "Are You Sure" option. If you happen to bump or brush it, it cancels! I can't tell you how many neighborhoods I have driven through (25 mph) with the speed limit sign showing 55 mph!!

The voice dial phone function is only about 60% usable. It doesn't recognize requests far too many times. I can't even call my wife!! Wish there was a way to back out of this and go back to the previous version.
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