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After the implementation of the second child policy, children's furniture market began to force, many consumers in order to worry, time-saving, the basic will choose custom furniture. However,leisure lawn furniture manufacturer children how custom furniture, quality problems, especially the paint on the health of children with or without the risk? Recently, the reporter in the Nanjing furniture market for some investigation.
Customized children's furniture "problems" is more

Customized children's furniture because of personality, as well as with the home decoration style and size of the house, and by the parents of two children. However, complaints have also occurred from time to time. Earlier this year, Mr. Han in the door of a home store custom tailoring a full set of American-style children's furniture, a total of 8 million yuan. Door-to-door when people surprise. Usually children furniture should not be installed too many glass doors, in order to save trouble, the business will be all the closet and bookcase doors all with frosted glass,folding camper chairs new zealand said to be clean and generous, good care. In addition, the beds and desks sharp edges, closet closet below the GB does not reserve ventilation holes in accordance with national standards, etc., these problems are likely to children buried in the future use of security risks, most people can not accept is, as long as the To the children's room, the smell of furniture distributed out, choking people can not stand. Mr. Han asked manufacturers to return, manufacturers so custom products, bad returns and then sell on the grounds, do not accept their demands. Later, Mr. Han to the manufacturers to court, although the final Mr. Han to protect their own interests, but also tossing exhausted.
Admittedly, many custom furniture manufacturers of children's professional R & D team of the lack of children's psychological growth and little knowledge, making the product more like a miniature version of adult custom furniture. For many no design experience in the development of children's furniture custom brand, it is safe to handle every detail properly, not an easy task. Children's furniture in the strict sense of the need for deep foundation, the design of the proposed higher requirements, including the installation of protective angle, matching smooth handle,folding beach chair in italy and in the cabinet reserved holes to ensure ventilation, to avoid the risk of children hiding Wait. Parents are also reminded that children can not follow suit custom furniture, do not have to pursue too fancy, safe, practical, conducive to children's physical and mental health-oriented.
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