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gypsum board performance.Good figure to brush paint, gypsum board surface can be directly sent the gypsum board surface must be full of to do after finishing.2, the difference of gypsum core material quality gypsum board with high purity gypsum mine as the core material of raw materials, and inferior plasterboard of face of the purity of
raw materials is a lack of control.Low purity of gypsum mine contains a large number of harmful substances, these harmful material will greatly influence the properties of gypsum board.Such as, clay and salt affect paper and adhesive properties of the gypsum core body and so on.Plasterboard of face can be seen from the appearance, good
white board core, yellowing and poor gypsum board plate core (with clay) color dim.3, paper glue or move in gypsum board paper knife (see quotation) draw a 45 degree Angle the surface of the "x", then where cross unravel paper, can be found that the high quality gypsum board paper is still a good bonding on the gypsum core, gypsum core
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