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ambient temperature of 0 ~ 40 �� range of use. If you intend to not use for a long time, then you should remove the battery storage, so as to avoid damage to internal parts leakage. Step 4, wiping electric shaver oil to regularly in the inner surface of the outer
knife coated with a little knife with lubricants, such as the internal knife support shaft or motor spindle and other parts of the rotation, when refueling can drop a small drop of oil on the finger, and then Wipe the axis, or with a small wooden sticks lead drops, but
pay attention to oil can not be too much. Step 5, the electric shaver charge Rechargeable shaver charging switch should be placed in the off position, and then the voltage corresponding to the power supply, if the long-term charge after charging do not have to
what kind of paint to use on a composite decking
low solid fencing ideas for garden
europe wall panels for sale
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