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the home Xiaobian to introduce you to enhance the living room Feng Shui three coup, if you want to To end the year to a bumper harvest, then quickly check your living room feng shui it! For more living room feng shui, please continue to pay attention to every home decoration.Wood flooring in the decoration is more widely used, the majority of owners in the home life, often encounter maintenance problems, such as the floor soaked I do not know how to solve this phenomenon, the home Xiaobian finishing some of
the wood floor soaked The solution, the following to share with you. Wood flooring is the solution of blisters Do not worry first, look at the size of the water, soak time for a long time, the other is their own wood flooring material problems, the first clear analysis to take remedial measures. If it is a small glass of water fell, and immediately clean up the dry clean it is no problem, if it is blistering the floor for some time, then take a look at the size of the problem soaked in water. A small area of ??wood flooring soaked in
water If it is a small area soaked in water to strengthen the floor should not be easily pry dry, so easy to strengthen the floor caused by hard damage, is likely to cause serious consequences can not be restored to use. Best to quickly remove the floor of the baseboard, exposing the expansion joints, by the expansion joints will be distributed water vapor, according to the different size of the water, dry up usually takes three to fifteen days. At the same time can also take the vacuum cleaner in the water splashing the floor
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