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turn wood irreplaceable main styles. f. Double-wide (�R 300mm), thick (> 9mm) promote the use of other special-shaped floor. Such products are well-known foreign manufacturers of products. Market trends total market continued double-digit rate of increase is expected to reach 70 million square meters, the consumer market will continue to expand to urban centers in small cities,backyard flooring materials
and gradually expand to the township, laminate flooring will as an ordinary surface decoration materials, and gradually into the market of small cities and towns, with the advance of urbanization construction, laminate flooring market in the next 2 - 3 years will be rapid development.buy wood paneling Indonesia
Laminate flooring's share will continue to expand in surface decoration materials, it is expected to reach 10 Percent of the market. localization laminate flooring market share continues to expand, laminate flooring market is divided into imported products, imports of pure fiber products and domestic products three large pieces. With laminate flooring as an ordinary surface decoration materials,safety construction jobs
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