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I have been using the Heatshield brand sunshades on all of my vehicles for the past 6 years and they are the best I have ever used. They keep the interior of the car signficantly cooler compared to the non-customized versions that are widely available and easy to install on a regular basis. There is no complex folding or twisting required to stow, just roll it up and use the velco strap to keep it from coming undone.

Pros: They keep the heat out better than any other sunshade. Customized fit. Protects the interior of your vehicle from UV damgage.

Cons: Depending on vehicle, it can be diffult to store rolled up inside the vehicle cabin if you have a full load of passengers (rolled up Heatshield can be fairly long). The silver surface gets quite hot when sitting in the sun and can be a bit too hot to handle when rolling up into a stored postion.

This Hyundai Elantra Sedan version fits the 2013 Hyundai Elantra GT as well. Since the GT was just released within the last few months, they do not have it listed on the product description nor does it have its own version. I have been using the Sedan version on my GT for the past few weeks and it is a perfect fit in the GT as well.
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