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Hi guys!

I'm living in Europe and I have bought 2017 Elantra(Limited) 2.0, 147hp, 6 speed automatic, 33k mileage. I've imported from the US (bought on IAAI). What I'm asking here is help with two things that bothers me:

1) As I've said in the beginning I'd buy my Elantra on IAAI and probably it came to me with some kind of backup battery because I cannot find any sticker or marks on it. Car was in transit for so long that battery seems dead now. (I've tried charging it but it didn't help. Maybe US batteries are a bit different than EU ones and I need a special charger for that?). From my own research I've found that originally Hyundai was using this battery:
"AGM60L-DIN 60Ah (20HR) CCA 640A 12V RC 100min (SAE/EN) ". Can someone confirm that? Should I just buy any kind of battery with this parameters? Finally first time I see an AGM battery type. Is it necessery to buy also the AGM battery? If that battery model/parameters are wrong could someone point me what battery should I buy (all needed parameters). I'm asking because we don't have exact same model here in Europe and I cannot simply choose mine version at the shop.

2) Second question is about a gearbox. I've read in the manual that I don't need to change oil in this gearbox at all if I will use my car in normal conditions. Although under severe usage conditions there is stated that automatic transmission fluid needs to be changed every 60,000 miles (96,000 km). Mostly my usage will be in distances around 1.2 miles(2km) - 4.5 miles(7km) and sometimes some longer routes. Hence my question should I follow severe or normal usage conditions? Additionally I would like to ask You about your experience with maintenance and usage of this automatic gearbox (because sometimes reality is much different than theory).

Thanks for all the help in advance. Please forgive me if i duplicate a thread but it's my first car from US and all this importing stuff was a bit stressful for me.

It's my first Hyundai. If someone have some advices or something about this car I will willingly read those ^_^.
My english might be a little broken cause I'm not using it on daily basis. Sorry for that!

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