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Is this a good deal

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Traded in my 22 Elantra sel for a 23 Elantra sel with the convinience package, I put down a 2300 deposit. Is this a good deal? Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for your input.
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Looks like you're paying $7,141.78 AND will still owe $4,035 on the old car? Over $11,000 (43%) premium for a 1 model year newer of the same vehicle sounds like a very bad deal; and don't forget your annual excise tax bill, if any, will reset.
Did you end up getting the car? How many miles did your '22 have? And how much did you pay for your '22? Assuming that you bought it brand new in '22, I presume you paid about the same as this new '23, unless the trim on the 23 is an upgrade from the 22. So, if it were me, and I didn't put many miles on the 22 and purchased it brand new, assuming you paid low $20's, I'd be livid if they told me it was only worth $19K+, especially given that I just purchased a 2020 value edition with low miles (relatively speaking: ~23K), and paid a little over $19K for it.
Yeah I ended up getting the 23 N line just a 3k difference out the door
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Yeah I ended up getting the 23 N line just a 3k difference out the door
Sounds better than that other car! What trim was your '22/ why the trade in?
My 22 was just a regular sel but I wanted more horsepower and better performance
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