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Electrostatic drag: remove the wax surface stains.4. Bucket: water or detergent.5. Dust pan: rubbish.6. Broom: clean the garbage.7. Microfiber cloth: remove stain in general.8. Rubber gloves: used for cleaning, prevent skin acid corrosion.9. The brush: qing dynasty wall corner of stain.10. Mirror cloth, cotton, try to wipe the mirror, glass
tableware.11. A mop, clean the ground.12. Windshield: a complete set of, the main clean the glass bulb and other functions.13. The shovel: remove excess cement quality and colloid.14. Squeeze the water: press to drag in the water.15. Garbage bags, garbage.16. The trash: rubbish.17. Wetlands: indicating passers-by slip around by carefully.18.
Toilet brush: clean the toilet use.19. Steel wool: cleaning and obstinate stains and wax stains.20. Watering can: spray cleaning fluid.21. Water shoes: used in wet ground clean.22. Ma Liangen brush: in addition to the obstinate stains on the ground.23. Cloth, wipe dust.24. Scrap sheets: protect cleaned the ground use.25. The water push: push
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